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Tarifs et Services


Our facility costs include:
  • The rental of one of our meeting rooms
  • A client lounge with one-way mirror
  • Participants and client welcome
  • Audio and video recording
  • Stationary
  • Some equipment: (flipchart, writing supports, interactive whiteboard, TV...)
  • Tea, coffee, and nibbles
  • Wifi
Rental package Cost excluding VAT
1/2 day - Between 9am and 1pm or between 1pm and 6pm €300
Day - From 9am to 6pm €490
Evening - Between 6pm and 10.30pm €350
Day + evening package - From 9am to 10.30pm €750
Afternoon + evening - From 1pm to 10.30pm €650
Supplement for rental on Saturdays €150

(Excluding catering and specific equipment)


We also provide a range of additional services regarding consumer meetings, individual interviews, product tests, ...

Options Details Price excluding VAT
Picto Streaming  Streaming Made in Studios Unlimited number of connections €140 / day
Picto notes  Computer note-taking Live or in transcription From €60 / hour
Picto Micro  Simultaneous translation equipment Traditional translation (provision of translators on estimate) €100 / day
picto ecran  Navigation recording equipment Smartphone for UX testing, laptops and, recording cameras... €50 / day
Picto ecran  Additional material Video projector, camera/tripod, linear meter, tablet, hob... Price upon request
Picto Traiteur  Catering (for participants) Order the day before 1pm From €12 to €22 / per person
Picto Traiteur  Catering (for guests) Order the day before 1pm From €22 / per person